Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prominent role for Felix Jones in passing game

The Cowboys expect Felix Jones to be a big part of the passing game in 2008. With arguably one of the top 2 WRs in Terrell Owens and top 2 TEs in Jason Witten, maybe the Cowboys don't need another big-time receiver opposite TO. Maybe a pass-catching RB is the answer.
A big part of the Cowboys' plans for Jones involve him catching the ball out of the backfield or even as a receiver. With the team lacking another top-flight wideout to take the pressure off Terrell Owens, the Cowboys want to compensate by making their backs regular participants in the passing game.

“You can get some real explosion in that area,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

Felix Jones caught only 39 passes in three seasons at Arkansas, but he says he's eager to get the ball in his hands any way he can, even if it means being split wide as a receiver.

“When I was younger, I thought I was a receiver,” Jones said. “I'm very comfortable with it. I lined up in the slot position at Arkansas.”

“He gives us a dimension we haven't had,” Phillips said of Jones. “He catches the ball better than I thought he would.”

“What you're looking for is the guy to get the extra yards,” Romo said. “When you throw it 3 or 4 yards, he's going to give you 10, 12 yards. If you get guys like that, that makes life a lot easier on the quarterback.”

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