Monday, August 18, 2008

Can Marion Barber carry the load?

ESPN Fantasy has a feature (32 questions) where they are asking - and answering - a question per team. Their Cowboys question: Can Marion Barber carry the load?

For those of you who like Cliff Notes, here's my Cliff Notes version of James Quintong's answer: "Yes."

As Quintong argues the Barbarian's "...approach to the game might be his biggest hurdle." I agree but who doesn't appreciate an offensive skill player that dishes more punishment than he receives.

Imagine if Tyson Smith weren't his teammate...
Barber has the toughness and versatility to do whatever the Cowboys want from him out of the backfield, and he's ready to carry a bigger load this year, which explains his high draft position so far. The Cowboys can keep him fresh with Felix Jones picking up some of the slack, but you might expect to see more of that later in the season, as Felix Jones figures out his role in the offense. Early in the season, though, look for a lot more Barber, who can produce big numbers seemingly no matter how many touches he gets. He's a safer bet than you might think.
I couldn't have said it any better James...

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