Saturday, December 20, 2008

Marion Barber active for Ravens game

Marion Barber was a game-time decision. He's been activated for tonight's game.

Against a tough rush defense like that of the Ravens, which allows the third fewest yards (78.0) per game, it obviously helps to have a rugged RB like Barber in the lineup.

However, Tashard Choice has played extremely well in Barber's absence.

Barber has 872 yards on 233 attempts for an average of 3.7 ypc and 7 TDs.

Choice has 326 yards on 62 attempts for an average of 5.3 ypc and 1 TD.

Cowboys vs Ravens Preview, 12/20

The Cowboys have played 5 solid games of football - 1 bad quarter since the bye week and Tony Romo returned.

The Cowboys host the Ravens tonight in the Texas Stadium finale. Both teams are 9-5 and in the playoffs now as wildcard teams if the season were to end today.

The Cowboys control their destiny and are in as the 5 seed if they win out.

Marion Barber is listed as a game-time decision and Tony Romo will play despite an ailing back. Initially, it looked like Pacman's season and career could have been over, but he will play tonight.

Ray Rice is out for Ravens.

The Ravens' defense allow the 2nd fewest yards (257.5) in the NFL behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens have improved their pass defense from last year (20) to now rank 2nd in the league (179.5 ypg).

Tony Romo is trying to diffuse the Witten-T.O.-Romo love triangle by saying the right things. But T.O. specifically needs to put his qualms aside and put the team first.
"It's just part of playing football," Romo said after bouncing back from a four-turnover performance in Pittsburgh. "We have a lot of highly competitive individuals who want to win. I give a lot of credit to T.O. and Jason for drumming this whole thing up to take attention away."
Prediction for tonight's game: Dallas Cowboys 13, Baltimore Ravens 10

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cowboys should let T.O. go in off-season

The Cowboys are currently in the 6th seed in the NFC playoff picture heading into Week 15. However, they play the 9-3 Baltimore Ravens next week at home and the 7-5-1 Philadelphia Eagles on the road to end the season. Other teams in the NFC wildcard mix are Tampa Bay (9-4), Atlanta (8-5), Philadelphia (7-5-1), Washington (7-6) and New Orleans (7-7 after loss to Bears Thursday).

Now, Terrell Owens, signed to a contract extension in the off-season, is pulling his old antics like when in San Fran and Philly.

Earlier in the week, T.O. was crying about how Tony Romo and Jason Witten were secretly drawing up plays because they are roommates on the road. In fact, T.O. then had a meeting without Romo and Witten but with some receivers to complain to Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett about the "buddy system."

According to ESPN, Romo has thrown to Ownes 87 times (43 receptions) and Witten 80 times (57 receptions).

Although T.O. and Witten have denied it, the latest are reports that the two were involved in a scuffle in the Cowboys locker room.
... it didn’t come without a near altercation Friday between Owens and tight end Jason Witten in the Cowboys’ locker room. According to two sources, the two exchanged words before being separated. Both players acted as if everything was fine when the media was allowed in the locker room. But Owens was still clearly miffed.
The focus this week should be on the New York Football Giants and the Cowboys' playoff survival. Instead, T.O. has shifted the spotlight to where he prefers it - on himself.

Bill Parcells might have been too much of a hard ass. But with Parcells gone, the people that should stand up to T.O. (owner, HC, OC, QB, etc.) aren't.

Jerry Jones should cut his losses and cut loose the T.O. in the off-season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pacman's career may be over due to neck injury

The neck injury that is keeping Adam "Pacman" Jones out of the Giants game this week and the rest of the season may also end Pacman's career.

After the countless (o.k. I guess I could count but I'm lazy) incidents that has involved Pacman Jones, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave him another opportunity while threatening that this was the last straw if he screwed up one last time.

When he was initially suspended for a "minimum of 4 games," I argued that Pacman should have been banned for life instead. I definitely don't wish harm or ill health upon anyone (even Pacman), but it looks like karma has caught up with him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jerry Jones calls out Barber

Facing the top-ranked rushing (and passing) defense was a difficult challenge for his first-ever career start. However, Tashard Choice met the challenge.

Choice finished the game with 166 combined rushing/receiving yards against the Steelers.

However, Jerry Jones was surprised that Marion "The Barbarian" Barber didn't play. With his rugged running style, the Cowboys certainly could have used Barber in the 4th quarter to close the game.
"He can play with that injured toe," Jones said. "He can play with the soreness and a combination of those things. I see nothing that led us to believe he couldn’t."
Not only did Tashard Choice impress me, but he impressed others including Jerry Jones and Steelers LB Lamar Woodley.
"Tashard might have added a plus," Jones said. "I don’t think we lost any slack there."

"He’s a pretty good back. We knew that," Woodley said. "When he saw a hole he hit it, so you have to give him props. He ain’t in the NFL for nothing."
The good news for the Cowboys is they are now in the 6th-seed (moved up a spot) after the Falcons (and the Redskins) lost.

The bad news is they finish up their season at home against the Giants (11-2) and Ravens (9-4) and on the road against the Eagles (7-5-1).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Marion Barber vs Steelers, maybe no DeMarcus Ware

Today when the Dallas Cowboys face the Pittsburgh Steelers, they will be without RB Marion Barber. Tashard Choice, who has played well on the season, will get the start. Yesterday, the Cowboys activated Antonio Coleman from their practice squad to provide depth.

Tashard Choice will face the #1-ranked rushing defense (71.2 ypg) in the NFL in first-ever career start. They also lead the NFL in passing defense (166.8 ypg).

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, DeMarcus Ware will be a game-time decision as well.

Marion Barber has 870 rushing yards and 7 TDs on the season. Tashard Choice has 147 rushing yards on 30 carries (4.9 ypc). DeMarcus Ware leads the Cowboys and the NFL in sacks with 15.