Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jenkins impressing, Newman leading

When Terrence Newman is healthy and Pacman Jones less rusty, the Cowboys arguably have the best secondary in football. Even though Newman is injured, he's being a leader.
"He's been a lot of help to me, ever since he went down," Jenkins said. "He's definitely on my back all the time. ... It's starting to get annoying. He's in my ear more than (secondary coach Dave) Campo, more than the coach."

Jenkins was smiling when he said that, appreciative of the help he is getting from the Pro Bowler -- the regular starting left cornerback whose spot he has been filling since Newman got hurt three weeks ago.

"That shows a lot of class, a lot of guys wouldn't do that," Jenkins said. "The day he went down, he came back to practice from doing treatment and he has stayed on me ever since then."
It's great to see that Newman is helping out Jenkins. Everyone can say all they want about the "collection of Pro Bowlers", but they don't give the Cowboys enough credit for being a "team".

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