Thursday, August 21, 2008

Owens questions Cowboys strategy vs New York

Terrell Owens has questioned the Cowboys strategy in the game vs New York.
Many have wondered how the Dallas Cowboys would have fared against the New York Giants in the playoffs last year if Cowboys Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens had been healthy. Owens admits having similar thoughts.

Owens missed the final game of the season with a high ankle sprain but returned to the field in the Cowboys’ 21-17 divisional loss to the Giants two weeks later.

He second-guesses the Cowboys' strategy more so than his health. He caught four passes for 49 yards and a touchdown in the game, all in the first half. But he said he could have done more, especially in the second half when he was held without a catch.

"I feel I made the most of the opportunities," Owens said. "It was just like when I played in the Super Bowl with the [Philadelphia] Eagles, I told the coach if I am on the football field to treat me as if I am 100 percent. I don’t think they [were] considering what I did in the game. ... I felt like I could have done more."
I don't think this is a concern, T.O. has been a "model citizen" in Big D. But there is going to be a lot of pressure on the Cowboys this post-season. And plenty of chaos if there is another first-round playoff loss (which I don't expect).

T.O. is right though. Looking at how he performed in the Super Bowl while hurt, when it's do-or-die time, the Cowboys should put the ball in T.O.'s hands as often as possible.

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