Monday, August 4, 2008

Detroit's WR Williams to come home to Texas?

In the off-season, there were rumors about the Cowboys acquiring Roy Williams, WR in Detroit. In an interview with the Detroit News, he was asked about his future since he's in the last year of his five-year contract.
"It's not a distraction but it kind of gets to me, like, what's gonna happen?" Williams said. "It's just a business, man. I heard there were offers for me so it must mean I'm pretty good. I don't know the future. I don't know if I'm gonna be here or not. They can franchise me (keep him for a lucrative one-year contract) and I'd be here for another year and then it'd start all over again."

When I asked if he wants to stay, Williams repeated what he said before, semi-convincingly.

"Oh, yeah, anybody wants to stay where they got drafted," he said. "And then when they get to the end of their career, they want to go home. I talk strongly about Texas because I'm from there but I don't talk strongly about the Cowboys or the Texans. I would love to stay here, get to the playoffs here, be part of history here."
Stay in Detroit and "get to the playoffs"? C'mon Roy. The Lions? The playoffs? Good one.

If Williams were to return to Texas, Houston would probably make more sense for Williams, because Andre Johnson is their only true weapon and the Texans should be willing to pursue him more aggressively. And although the Cowboys don't need him, can you imagine Williams lining up on the opposite side of TO? And Crayton in the slot with Witten, Barber, Felix Jones, etc.?

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