Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adam Jones - A little rusty

Although Adam Jones looked rusty in the Cowboys pre-season opener in San Diego, I am not worried.

Jones made his Cowboys debut in the dime package on the second defensive series, then replaced Anthony Henry at right corner with the second unit. Early in the second quarter, he gave up a 21-yard pass to wide receiver Chris Chambers and missed a tackle on Darren Sproles' ensuing 21-yard screen catch. Both plays led to a touchdown.

"I need to work on my angles," Jones said. "With that Sproles play, that's kind of a hard play because there's so much in the open with that screen I was trying to make him cut back in."

His competitiveness and eagerness to take on T.O. every day in practice will get him back to the Adam Jones he once was. On the field, that is.
Jones has challenged Owens one-on-one throughout the first two weeks of camp, and while the veteran Pro Bowler has gotten the best of him at times, the coaching staff says Jones' competitiveness has spread to the rest of the defense.
Provided he stays out of trouble (big if) and Roger Goodell reinstates Jones for the regular season (smaller if), Adam Jones will likely be the Cowboys 2nd best CB by the end of the year. Not bad for a 4th-round draft pick.

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