Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kyle Kosier back to provide continuity to O-Line

The Cowboys return a lot of starters this week: Terence Newman in the secondary and Tony Romo calling signals. Both of those guys are huge part's of the defense and offense respectively.

But another critical return is Kyle Kosier to the left guard spot.
"I think it will be very big having Kyle back," Gurode said. "Playing with a guy a number of years and then him coming back definitely helps us out. But we have a lot of work to do on the offensive line to get things back on track."

"A guy grunts and the other guy knows what he's doing," Houck said. "So Kyle and Flo work together well. Not that Cory did a poor job. But I just think from a communication standpoint, I think it will be valuable to us."
With Kosier back, it does provide continuity to this unit having all 5 starters back. But the also need to develop a little more of a nasty streak. As much talent and size as the O-Line has, they should be dominating in the trenches with or without Kosier.

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