Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cowboys - Redskins Preview

Tonight, the Cowboys will be in Washington to take on their hated rivals as they begin their post-bye push to make a run towards the post-season. Coming into tonight's game, they are 5-4 and tied with Philadelphia for last in the NFC East. Philadelphia is currently tied with the Cincinnati Bengals 13-13 with 5:18 to go in the 4th quarter as I write this.

After tonight's game, the Cowboys should begin a 3-game winning streak if/when they win tonight. The next 2 games are against a pair of NFC West teams with 2-7 records: Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.
"Everyone says we are out of the picture," Owens said. "There's seven games left. We're not counting ourselves out by any means."

"I've done a lot of studying, and a lot of thinking about the game and trying to gain an understanding of what it is we may need to do a little bit differently or what we may need to continue to do or do better," said Romo, who completed 28 of 47 passes for 300 yards, three touchdowns and one interception against the Redskins in Week 4. "I feel very confident and excited going forward about things that we may have changed around, improved upon.

"I think this team has got a great second-half run in it. Hopefully we'll be able to show that this week."

The December schedule is much tougher than the remaining November schedule. The Cowboys will play the Giants and Ravens at home and the Steelers and Eagles on the road.

Clinton Portis, who is 2nd in the NFL in rushing, will likely miss tonight's game. The Cowboys get Terence Newman back tonight as well. I would expect the Cowboys to double-cover Moss, who has 3 straight 100-yard receiving games against the Cowboys.

Tonight is a put-up-or-shut-up game. I expect the Cowboys to come out with a sense of urgency as their backs are against the wall. Prediction: Cowboys 27, Redskins 21

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