Friday, November 28, 2008

3 straight heading into December

The Cowboys have taken care of business three weeks in a row although their last 2 games were against 2 horrible NFC West teams (San Fran and Seattle). But then again, they can only play the opponents that are on their schedule.

Before those games, it was known that their schedule would get much tougher in December. Although the post-bye week games in November weren't "must-win," they were "can't-lose" games.

Although they won all 3 post-bye games, injuries to Marion Barber (toe) and DeMarcus Ware (knee) would have sapped all the enthusiasm out of another win had their injuries appeared more serious. Barber's initial x-rays (half-time and end of 3rd quarter) were negative and Ware wanted to go back into the game.
"I wanted to go back out there, but they told me no," said Ware, who had his knee iced and propped on the bench after he left the game.
Their final four games of the season are at Pittsburgh, home against the Giants and Ravens and then at Philly. Definitely four tough games against playoff-bound (or caliber) opponents, but the first 2 of those 4 are even tougher than the second 2. I would be thrilled with a split heading into the home (and Texas Stadium) finale with a 9-5 record.

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