Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cowboys acquire WR Roy Williams for draft picks

Roy Williams wasn't happy with his role in Detroit with Calvin Johnson getting the bulk of looks. In the off-season, there was a lot of speculation that the Cowboys were pursuing a deal with Detroit to bring (the other) Roy Williams to Big D.

Well, there is no more speculation. The Cowboys have added Roy Williams in exchange for a 1st-round, 3rd-round and 6th-round pick. The Cowboys also get a 7th-rounder from Detroit.

No question that Roy Williams significantly upgrades the Cowboys #2 WR. But will he (and T.O.) be happy and is the price too much?

Roy Williams is from Texas and is coming home to play for a legitimate Super Bowl contender. As recently as when Matt Millen was fired, he was quoted as saying that Detroit has a "realistic chance to make the playoffs, believe it or not". That obviously wasn't true. According to Jerry Jones, T.O. was "ecstatic" about Roy Williams coming to Dallas. It should free him up from being double-teamed as much as he was.

The Cowboys gave up a lot, but I don't think too much. They had an extra 3rd-round pick and they will be giving Detroit their 6th-round pick, which they no longer have to give to Tennessee because of Pacman.

With an offense that has Romo, T.O., Williams, Witten, Barber, Felix will be nasty when all healthy. How 'bout dem Cowboys!

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