Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Should Jason Witten play with a broken rib?

Jason Witten broke a rib in the game versus the Bucs on Sunday. After Sunday's game, he said he hoped to play versus the Giants this upcoming Sunday. Witten will give it a go on Sunday, but Brian Davis of the Dallas Morning News asks is it worth the risk in his blog post this afternoon.

Jason Witten leads the Cowboys in receptions (46) and receiving yards (549). Without Witten in the lineup, the Cowboys would miss the dimension he adds to the passing game and offense in general. But the Cowboys have sufficient weapons to help Brad Johnson, who let's face it - needs as much help as he can get.

However, talent has not been the Cowboys problem this season (or last season). They sent 13 players to Honolulu last year.

Their problem has been their toughness, focus and discipline. If (arguably) their best receiver - no offense T.O. - shows his toughness by playing with a broken rib, the rest of the team should see his example and play inspired, passionate football. Specifically, the guys who line up next to Witten (the O-Line) need to show/develop some nastiness. Hopefully, Witten's grit leads to that.

I agree with Davis in the sense that I prefer to have Witten for the last 7 after the bye versus the 1 before the bye. But I can see Witten playing Sunday being more than adding his vast offensive skills to the Cowboys lineup. It could be the attitude-changer that the Cowboys need to really make a push towards post-season success.

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