Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals - 10/12

Today, the Cowboys take on the Cardinals in Arizona. Here are the Cowboys keys to victory per Sporting News:
1. Pressure Kurt Warner. Warner can't move in the pocket. He's not even that adept at sliding right or left like Dan Marino used to do. That means he's a sitting duck for a good pass rush. Of course, Carson Palmer should've been a sitting duck last week but the Cowboys couldn't get to him until the last drive. DeMarcus Ware has a sack in eight consecutive games, but the Cowboys' pass rush has been inconsistent this year. Aside from Ware and Greg Ellis, Dallas doesn't have another consistent threat to sack the quarterback. Look for the Cardinals to use more three-step drops to keep Warner upright.

2. Get Terrell Owens involved. T.O. is emotionally fragile. You know that when you put him on your team, so it's up to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to figure out how to get him more involved with the offense so he doesn't spend the second half of every game crying on the sideline like he did Sunday. T.O. has been struggling against bump-and-run coverage. One way to counter that is to put him in motion or move him into the slot. Look for Dallas to do a lot more of that this week.

3. Protect the ball. Tony Romo says every good quarterback throws interceptions. That's true. They just don't throw them every game. Romo has a pick in eight consecutive games, including all five this season. He also has lost two fumbles. More important, the opposition has turned his seven turnovers into 29 points, which is nearly one touchdown per game. You can't consistently give the opposition a touchdown every week and expect to continue winning.

Game Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 38, Arizona Cardinals 27

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