Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brad Johnson loses bet with T.O.

Terrell Owens is from the state of Alabama. Brad Johnson's brother-in-law is Mark Richt, the Georgia Bulldogs head coach. So, T.O. and Johnson wagered on the outcome of the Alabama-Georgia game last week.

What did they wager? The loser had to dress like the winner at practice.
Alabama won, 41-30, forcing Johnson to wear white tights, something Owens wears during practice, and the jersey of the wide receiver's alma mater, Tennessee-Chattanooga.
Brad Johnson went on to compliment T.O. in the article:

"He's great to work with," Johnson said. "I've been with great receivers before from Keyshawn [Johnson] to Cris Carter, Irving Fryar, and the list goes on. T.O. is great to work with, an extremely hard worker who gets along with everybody in the locker room. He's fun to be with, and you appreciate when you play with guys like that."
Hopefully, the Cowboys put last week's loss and T.O.'s frustration behind them when they play the winless Bengals tomorrow.

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