Saturday, January 31, 2009

The future of football on Thanksgiving in Dallas

Roger Goodell has said that both the Dallas Cowboys, who have hosted Thanksgiving games since 1966, and the Detroit Lions, who have hosted Thanksgiving games since 1934, will host Thanksgiving games in 2009.

But beyond 2009, it will be re-evaluated.
"I attended that [Thanksgiving] game [in Detroit] a little over a year ago," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in his state-of-the-league news conference Friday. "I understand it’s a great tradition in Detroit and Dallas. [Moving the game around] is something that our owners have raised from time to time. It will not change for this season. As to whether ownership feels the same, we will discuss it as we get later in the year. We certainly will raise it."
Considering there is now a third Thanksgiving game, which has rotated, I think the Cowboys and even the Lions deserve to keep their Thanksgiving tradition.

Of course, I'm a little biased and like that the Cowboys have an advantage over whatever team has to travel to play 3 days later on Thanksgiving. And the Cowboys get a mini-bye that can be used to get healthy.

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