Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dan Reeves to be consultant with Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has talked to Dan Reeves, who played and was an assistant under legendary coach Tom Landry.

Reeves has a 192-166-2 record as head coach for the Giants, Broncos and Falcons and reached four Super Bowls.

A month ago on KTTB-AM, Reeves discussed the Cowboys' problems.
"They had an awful lot of distractions – things that you don't need to have with a football team, the T.O.'s, the Pacman Jones instances," he said. "You say, well, that doesn't really bother us. But it really does, because that's the focus. "
When Wade Phillips said that he was going to be tougher in 2009, he mentioned that he would seek input from Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer and Marv Levy.

Phillips has been a defensive coordinator under Reeves with the Broncos and Falcons. Phillips is not a head coach, but a great defensive coordinator.

As Gil LeBreton of the Star-Telegram argues, hiring Dan Reeves as a replacement for Wade Phillips would be better. But Reeves influencing the powers to be as a consultant is better than nothing.

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