Monday, September 29, 2008

T.O.: Shut up and play

T.O. had me fooled. Last week, T.O. caught only 2 passes for 17 yards, ran down DBs after INTs and didn't complain. For the next 7 days, I thought he had turned the corner and was a different guy.

What a difference a week makes!

Yesterday T.O. was targeted nearly 20 times out of 58 offensive plays. But T.O.'s complaining about his (lack of) involvement in the offense.
"I’m a competitor and I want the ball," T.O. said.

“Everybody recognized that I wasn’t really getting the ball in the first half,” Owens said. “I’m pretty sure everybody watching the game recognized it, people in the stands recognized it. I think my team recognized it.”
Like Jean-Jacques Taylor says, "it takes incredible gall to moan and groan." The Cowboys didn't lose because T.O. only got 20 looks.

If anyone has a legitimate gripe (although he would never complain), it's Marion Barber. Inexplicably, he carried the ball 8 times and Felix Jones didn't get any carries.

Before it spirals out of control like it did with Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb, someone (probably Jerry) needs to shut this guy up. Because it's obvious he can't do it himself.

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