Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cowboys: 3-0 on way to 16-0?

In the Star-Telegram today, a headline reads "Can the Cowboys go undefeated in the regular season?" How did Jerry Jones respond to that question?
"I don’t see that," Jones said. "I really don’t see that. I thought it was almost impossible to make it through 16 games. I see the road is too rough. The East is too tough. ...I just don’t see that happening."
I agree with Jones and especially so about how tough the East is. So far, NFC East teams have a combined 2 losses through 3 weeks. The 'Skins lost to the Giants and the Eagles to the 'Boys. Still no losses to non-division opponents.

I believed the NFC East to be the toughest division in football to start the season, but it is looking like it will be even stronger from top to bottom than I previously thought. Games like tomorrow's division matchup mean so much.

The Cowboys are 11-point favorites over the Redskins this weekend. Does that scare anyone else like it does me? I expect the Cowboys to win (of course), but 11 points in this rivalry?

The out-of-division schedule isn't very tough. The Cowboys have the Steelers on the road and the Ravens, who look like they have their defensive groove back, in the last game ever at Texas Stadium. Other than that, they play teams like the Rams, Niners and Bengals.

It's way too soon to talk about a perfect (regular) season. The only time a perfect season matters is the one that starts in January. Just ask the Patriots.

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