Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Links

The Cowboys are going to alternate the starter at the right cornerback position in the regular season between Mike Jenkins, last year's second of two first-round picks.
  • Scandrick said: "They told us it was close and we've both played well. We both could've been the starter. It was the most logical thing."
  • Mike Jenkins said: "No matter where I'm at, the competition keeps going because there's always somebody behind us trying to take your position.
Today was the deadline for NFL teams to get down to the 53-man roster limit. In doing so, the Cowboys cut three drafted rookies - safety DeAngelo Smith (fifth round), cornerback Mike Mickens (seventh) and receiver Manuel Johnson (seventh). Here's a link to the Cowboys' roster after the cuts. And here's a link to the cuts.

Here's a link to an average fantasy football cheat sheet. Cowboys' players (and their rankings) on the list are as follows: Marion Barber (18), Jason Witten (42), Tony Romo (47), Roy Williams (52), Felix Jones (74) and Patrick Crayton (116).

As Matt Mosley of ESPN points out, the Cowboys will likely look to the waiver wire for help at cornerback.


Que said...

In retrospect this is almost a moot point. It's almost like the Cowboys have lost that killer instinct of Cowboys past. The only thing we can hope for is that they are playing the opposite of the most recent years: lose early, win late.

David said...

Maybe Dallas needs to find a shiny new QB??? They've had a history of giving guys a 2 or 3 yrs to master the position and then they move on!!!