Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jerry Jones calls out Barber

Facing the top-ranked rushing (and passing) defense was a difficult challenge for his first-ever career start. However, Tashard Choice met the challenge.

Choice finished the game with 166 combined rushing/receiving yards against the Steelers.

However, Jerry Jones was surprised that Marion "The Barbarian" Barber didn't play. With his rugged running style, the Cowboys certainly could have used Barber in the 4th quarter to close the game.
"He can play with that injured toe," Jones said. "He can play with the soreness and a combination of those things. I see nothing that led us to believe he couldn’t."
Not only did Tashard Choice impress me, but he impressed others including Jerry Jones and Steelers LB Lamar Woodley.
"Tashard might have added a plus," Jones said. "I don’t think we lost any slack there."

"He’s a pretty good back. We knew that," Woodley said. "When he saw a hole he hit it, so you have to give him props. He ain’t in the NFL for nothing."
The good news for the Cowboys is they are now in the 6th-seed (moved up a spot) after the Falcons (and the Redskins) lost.

The bad news is they finish up their season at home against the Giants (11-2) and Ravens (9-4) and on the road against the Eagles (7-5-1).

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